Camden Haven Community College is approved to deliver traineeships in a wide range of qualifications, including Business, Business Administration, Leadership and Management, Individual Support (Ageing and Disability), Ageing Support, Retail and Hospitality.


Traineeships offer numerous benefits for both the trainee and the business, including government financial incentives for the employer.  


They are a great way to ensure workers gain relevant job skills

and knowledge to perform their daily tasks.  


The trainee gains a qualification and workplace support.  


Assessment can be carried out in the workplace with no need to send trainees offsite for their training.



* support for employers to recruit and develop the skilled employees they need.

* are available for new workers

* are available part time and full time

* allow trainees to combine work and training leading to a

nationally recognised qualification

* are available with our college as RTO under the NSW Government

Smart and Skilled Program


If you are interested in traineeships, contact the college on (02) 6559 6699, or view the Australian Apprenticeship website.

16-18 Laurie Street, Laurieton, NSW, 2443.

(Opposite Longworth Park)


PHONE:  02 6559 6699


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