We do our very best to ensure equal access to training and education for all people.  We aim to address any barriers to learning, including physical, information,

communication and others.


NSW community colleges recognise and value diversity and are committed to creating and inclusive environment that ensures equal opportunties to all including those with a disability.


Our college aims to:


* assist people with disabilities to participate in education and training through consultation and without creating

unjustifiable hardship for any party or

comprising the integrity of the training experience;


* help people with disabilities participate in a safe,

equitable, discrimination and harassment free education

and training environment;


* promote positive, informed, inclusive and non-discriminatory attitudes towards people with disabilities.

16-18 Laurie Street, Laurieton, NSW, 2443.

(Opposite Longworth Park)


PHONE:  02 6559 6699

EMAIL:   chcc@chace.org.au

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Website updated August 2020