Lifestyle Courses


Lifestyle courses available through Camden Haven Community College are held at Laurieton, Taree

and surrounding communities and vary each Term.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic Camden Haven Community College has been offering alternative learning arrangements until social-distancing restrictions are eased

and face-to-face classes can resume.

There are opportunities to learn online, via zoom,

through mailed workbooks, by email and phone

or with a combination of all of these.

The college plans to reopen for usual classes

as soon as we can, but in the meantime,

you can enjoy a range of other learning modes.

To enrol in any Lifestyle or Tech Savvy Seniors class




or contact Mikaela on

To pay for any Lifestyle class

use the PAY NOW button below

(please add surname and course name under reference)

or contact Mikaela on

16-18 Laurie Street, Laurieton, NSW, 2443.

(Opposite Longworth Park)


PHONE:  02 6559 6699


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