Support for Disadvantaged


Camden Haven Community College understands that Education and learning ‘happen’ after a number of interventions and support services have been provided to disadvantaged members of our community who are seeking relief from disability, unemployment, helplessness and/or suffering.

CHCC works with other NGOs and Government Departments such as local schools and Job Actives, as well as its neighbouring Community College in Port Macquarie, using a multi-agency support strategy. These organisations refer clients to CHCC to participate in programs that have proven success in supporting those in need and likewise, CHCC refers clients to these agencies as required.

CHCC's programs target people requiring relief.  CHCC provides NSW government subsidised training for disadvantaged people such as low income, disabilities, social and other difficulties.

CHCC provides support with foundation skills such as language, literacy and numeracy and responds to individual needs.  CHCC offers funded technology learning for older people.  Our programs are designed to target

  • youth and people of employable age at risk or disengaged, through government funded programs

  • Elderly and aged people - especially those at risk of isolation

  • people with language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) difficulties, and

  • people with disabilities (PWD) including mental health issues, homeless and other disadvantaged members of the community.

16-18 Laurie Street, Laurieton, NSW, 2443.

(Opposite Longworth Park)


PHONE:  02 6559 6699


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